Ryan Scott Brown

I build cloud-based systems for startups and enterprises. My background in operations gives me a unique focus on writing observable, reliable software and automating maintenance work.

I love learning and teaching about Amazon Web Services, automation tools such as Ansible, and the serverless ecosystem. I most often write code in Python, TypeScript, and Rust.

B.S. Applied Networking and Systems Administration, minor in Software Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology.

    TIL: ONNX Shortcut Models

    Getting sentence-transformers to work in my llm environment has been a real pain, and I’ve been looking for a way to avoid the hassle. So I did a code walk of other projects that offer embeddings, and found that ChromaDB encountered the same problem.

    They solved it by using an onnx format model automatically downloaded on the first use. See the code for yourself here.

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