• AWS Role Speed Dial (arsd)

    Desktop app to manage sessions and roles for one or more AWS IAM Identity Center domains. Built in Rust, the app surfaces frequently used accounts, caches available accounts and roles, and opens isolated browser sessions to simplify multi-account operations.

  • PynamoDB Polymorph

    Extensions for PynamoDB to support single-table design in DynamoDB. pynamodb-polymorph adds compound keys, compressed attributes, and automatically counted set sizes for PynamoDB models and is available on PyPi.

  • boto-layer-optimizer

    A tool to speed up Lambda cold-starts that use AWS APIs. The layer optimizer strips down Boto3 data files to minimize their size and loading time. Given a list of services the function uses, it removes JSON service definitions and adds caching to the session loader.


  • Crunchyroll - Principal Engineer

    Engineering Enablement team lead, with scope to work across the Product & Engineering organization on developer experience, platform, and process problems. Took over incident review and operations review processes and drove improvements in site reliability.

  • Stedi - Serverless Software Engineer

    Enabled pay-per-use billing for Stedi services and reduced API latency by re-architecting billing to remove billing calls from customer request paths. Designed fraud prevention and entitlement checking tools to prevent malicious usage of Stedi resources. Built telemetry and billing Lambda Extensions in Rust. Used AWS CDK, TypeScript, and Github Actions to maintain Kinesis streams, Athena/Glue tables, and Lambda functions supporting BI and billing.

  • Vendia - Principal Software Engineer

    Implemented features and managed infrastructure underlying Vendia’s distributed ledger on AWS. Split time between features on the GraphQL engine for customer data plane and control-plane features for managing AWS accounts, security boundaries, and continuous delivery.

  • Trek10, Inc. - Lead Cloud Architect

    Led design & implementation of complex AWS projects in multiple verticals for F100 and startup clients. Technically, focused on serverless technologies, infrastructure-as-code, and security.

  • Ansible by Red Hat - Principal Software Engineer

    Built cloud-focused Ansible modules for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Ansible is a YAML-driven orchestration and configuration management tool.


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