• bookmarkd

    A converter to reformat markdown documents into IPython notebooks, transferring markdown into markdown cells and code blocks to code cells.

  • PynamoDB Polymorph

    Extensions for PynamoDB to support single-table design in DynamoDB. pynamodb-polymorph adds compound keys, compressed attributes, and automatically counted set sizes for PynamoDB models and is available on PyPi.

  • hugo-lambda

    The hugo-lamdba project uses AWS Lambda to host hugo static site using Route53, CloudFormation, and S3. It runs whenever new content is uploaded, making it possibly the cheapest self-hosted CMS. See the intro and deployment instructions for more information.

  • IPylogue

    A plugin for IPython notebooks to track the history of a notebook with git. Every save automatically makes a git commit with a default message. Typically you would squash the commits together before publishing them, but locally it’s a great way to keep track of how you explored a problem space.



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