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  • Lambda

    Explain Lambda’s place in the AWS ecosystem and cover common use cases.

  • ZeroMQ

    An explanation of ZeroMQ for programmers who have already used sockets or queue-based message systems, and want to know where ZeroMQ fits in the messaging landscape.

  • Git

    A crash course in git, suitable for people with little to no prior exposure to git, but have used some source control in the past.

  • Vim

    An introduction on what vim is, intended to help you go from “What’s vim?” to basic editing, and give you resources to learn more.


  • Go

    The highlights of Go for building backend applications with a diverse team.

  • Beginning Python

    An introduction to Python for people who may have programmed in other languages already.

  • Advanced Python

    A tour of advanced Python 2.7 functionality including list comprehensions, lambdas, functions starting with “__”, and more.

  • Python 1

    A beginner Python class for Girl Develop It! Rochester, NY.

  • Python 2

    Part 2 of Girl Develop It! Rochester, NY’s beginner Python class.


  • Declarative Orchestration and Other Big Words

    A tour around orchestration and config management tools for Buffalo Unconference. In this talk, you’ll learn why declarative tools are well-suited to rapidly-changing cloud environments, and what orchestration tools are great for.

  • CVE-2014-0160 (Heartbleed)

    A quick overview of the attack surface opened by the Heartbleed SSL bug and responses/mitigation strategies.


    A walkthrough of some FOSS courseware written in Flask on OpenShift for the RIT Free and Open Source Software courses.

  • The Open Source Way

    A lightning talk about the ideas that power the Open Source community.

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